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Turn-key organization of architectural competitions:

After organizing over 60 architectural competitions for businesses and cities, we can provide you with a smooth competition experience taking care of the whole process. We will lead you from Budgeting an architectural competition to the selection and presenting the winning design, making all necessary documentations and processes needed on the go.

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Architectural Competitions
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Estonian Business School in Tallinn by Ala Architects

Gimnasium of the University of Life Sciences in Tartu by Salto architects

Kesklinna School in Tartu by Salto Architects Photo by Reio Avaste

Krulli neighbourhood by Alver Architects

Rebase Street Apartments in Tartu by Thomas Pucher and Alfred Bramberger

Tallinn City Hall by Bjarke Ingels Group

Viimsi School of Young Talents by Kavakava Architects

Lotte Kindergarten in Tartu by Kavakava Architects Photo by Kaido Haagen


The architectural competition was organised professionally and gave the client the desired result — I dare to recommend it to everyone.
Heiti Hääl
Chairman of the Board, AS Krulli Kvartal
The collaboration between the Estonian Association of Architects and Tiit Sild has lasted for more than 10 years. Professionally prepared competition conditions are an important part of the success of architectural competitions.
Marika Lõoke
Estonian Architects Union, Member of the Board
Tiit Sild helped us to organise the Viru Center international architecture competition, starting with the preparation of the initial task of the competition and ending by organising the work of the jury and choosing a winner. All in all, the cooperation was very smooth and very professional. Highly recommended!
Gertti Kogermann
CEO of Viru Center
Collaborating with Tiit, during the architectural competition initiated by within the manufacturing sector, was professional in all respects, smooth and with a positive approach towards the goals of the organiser. It can be said that there were no unpleasant surprises due to this professional cooperation, both during the preparatory phase and during and after the work of the jury. Good collaboration, highly recommended!
Olari Paadimeister
Project Development Manager
The quality of the winning work submitted to the EBS new infrastructure architecture competition, and the smoothness of the process exceeded expectations. There are many nuances in organizing an international architectural competition with a budget of almost 100,000 euros, ignorance of which can end in the failure of the competition, including contesting the final result. Tiit substantiated his recommendations in the development phase of the competition and prepared the invitation to, and conditions of, the competition, to which 38 architectural offices responded. Tiit took into account the proposals of the jury and the client, arranged communication between the jury and the competitors and ensured that all participants acted in accordance with the competition conditions. The results of the competition were not contested by anyone, and relations with the offices that did not win the competition were also good.
Mart Habakuk
Chancellor, Estonian Business School
The architectural competition organised in collaboration with MSI Grupp AS, Tallinn City Government and the Estonian Association of Architects was very demanding because the object is located in the centre of the capital and the proposed building has landmark significance. In addition, the building is visible from all sides and has high requirements for a representative appearance. The preparation for the oorganizationof the competition was more labour-intensive than usual because in addition to the usual approvals, a public discussion of the competition conditions had to be organized at the request of the City Government before the announcement of the competition. The preliminary work for the competition was very extensive and many different conditions had to be taken into account, as well as the suitability of the future building for use as a department store connected to an office building. In the course of the thorough preliminary work, our cooperation with Tiit was very constructive. His participation and thinking helped clients map their needs during the work and to codify the competition conditions. Tiit's help in organizing the communication and harmonizing the positions across the several parties that organized the competition was also very important. The high-demand competition also required a serious commitment from the customers, but as this is not something we have great experience of Tiit, who advised and guided the customers in this process, was of great help. Most importantly, the competition was a great success and numerous works were submitted to the competition that met the conditions. This allowed the jury to make the best possible decision. The competition gave us an appropriate architectural solution for such an important location in the heart of Tallinn, both modern and metropolitan, and also fulfilling the important requirements of the planned use of the building. In our opinion, the competition went well and gave the desired result.
Peeter Kütt
CEO of Tallinna Kaubamaja Real Estate LC

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