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Architecture & Project management

We will take care of your project, introducing you to electrical, water and canalization, HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioner) and structural engineers and taking care that in the process they collaborate in the organized manner and all the needs of the client are met.

Our Completed Projects

Kvissental apartment house
Prefab home SVEN by Matek - virtual tour

Tube House by Tiit Sild

Konrad apartment house virtual tour

Small apartment house in Kloostri street

DIY Garden Room - by Andrea Bronzini and Tiit Sild

In process projects

Apartment house in Elva

The promenade house is not a very traditional apartment building, but it is GOOD TO LIVE here. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a GREEN courtyard, which will make every arrival home a special. Neighbours here get along well and are communicative. The wide balcony belt surrounding the building enables beautiful views of the GREEN ELVA to be enjoyed in a peaceful setting.

Benefits of working with us

Save time

We help you save time by organising communication between all important parts of your project in a constructive and time saving manner. We create a schedule and take care that this schedule is met by all parties, delivering fast and quality service.

Safety and Regulations

We have the knowledge, know the resources and have the contacts in order to assure that your project is done according to all rules whether it is acoustical aspects of the building or of fire regulations.

Finding the best solution for your budget

We help you to go through all major wooden building technologies, analysing pros and cons and helping to pick the best for you, taking into consideration schedule, fast delivery and your budget.

Project Management Aspects

Taking care of the architectural design of the building

Helping to select the project team (all necessary engineering parts involved).

Controlling different projects so they would be nicely synchronized (like architectural part, water, canalisation parts etc.).

Establishing reliable workflow and setting up systems.

Organising and scheduling meetings.

Ensuring that the building schedule is met.

Making sure that planned building cost and budget is met.

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