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We focus on helping our clients build sustainable and long-lasting wood architecture for future generations to come.

Our Mission

We aim to promote an architectural mindset that is aware and focuses on diminishing the CO2 footprint of the European cities. We believe Wood construction is the only ecological future possible.

Our Vision

We are the leading wood architecture consulting company in the EU by 2025. Offering construction know-how, regulation compliance and project management. As well as provide expert wood architecture services.

Our Services

Wood architecture project consulting

Architecture & Project management

SPORT Architecture

As an architecture office we will take care of your project, introducing you to electrical, water and canalisation, HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioner) and structural engineers and taking care that in the process they collaborate in the organised manner and all the needs of the client are met.

Organizing architectural competitions

After organizing over 70 architectural competitions for businesses and cities, we can provide you with a smooth competition experience taking care of the whole process. We will lead you from Budgeting an architectural competition to the selection and presenting the winning design, making all necessary documentations and processes needed on the go.


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