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Sport OU - Architecture Office from Estonia


We aim to promote an architectural mindset that is aware and focuses on diminishing the CO2 footprint of the European cities. Because wood construction is the only ecological future possible.


We are the leading wood architecture consulting company in the EU by 2025. Offering construction know-how, regulation compliance and project management. As well as provide expert wood architecture services.
Almost all buildings should have a story, and through these stories, they should give a meaning to our cities.​
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How can we make it so that we ourselves and those people around us would become more fulfilled, more energized, happier?

I think architecture in a more general sense has a bigger role to play.

Architecture is an order of things, the structure of organizations, even an order of thoughts and meanings. How to change the architecture of our minds? How to educate ourselves so that we would move into a more sustainable direction?

For me the answer is simple: we as architects must make projects and build more in wood.
We should learn more about new wooden technologies and promote them to the wider public. That is my goal.

Buildings are not as important as the people living in those buildings and using those buildings, they are the ones who actually are giving meaning to the surroundings, space and buildings. Architecture is about serving people. I think that almost all buildings should have a story, and through these storeys, they should give a meaning to our cities.

Architecture is about giving meaning to the space around us so we could have a great life in our communities and families. Being an architect is about being able to enjoy your creation with the people around you and your loved ones.

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