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Kvissental apartment - prefab home SVEN by Matek.


Tiit Sild

I like to create space that a lot of people can benefit from. Prefabricated timber houses are one of the ways to fulfill that dream. I would like to be an architect who designs affordable everyday spaces, meaning that the necessary living functions are provided within a rational size, but good quality. I really like this part of the architecture.

Houses in Kvissentali have a long and interesting history. Sven Mats once had a friend who lived in a house designed by Tiit Sild, the architect in architectural studio Sport, so when visiting the friend the house caught Mats’ eye. When the company bought parcels of land in Kvissentali and it turned out that the same architect had also made a general plan for the district, there was no doubt as to what next move should be.

Kvissentali apartments are rational and elegant in the Scandinavian style at the same time.

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